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The AFI factor
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Hello AFI fans!

This community is for anyone who is a fan of AFI and there music. Whether you have only recently became a fan, or have been following them since their inception, you are welcome here. Just a couple rules

1. Keep it clean! The odd swear word is acceptable, but do not direct it at another community members and treat everyone with respect. Keep personal arguments confined to elsewhere.

2. Icon/background trading is totally acceptable, as long as it is AFI related. There are icon communities for other things.

3. Please leave a post to say that you have joined, but as I have said everyone is welcome.

4. Please try to keep conversation at least vaguely related to AFI!

5. If you are posting AFI photos/articles/news, please say where you got it from.

Keep checking to see if i have revised/changed any rules, I probably will im dozy like that!